Free Design Service

When you’re conceiving your new Laboratory you have thoughts, ideas, concerns, restrictions and the need to maximize your floor space. The process always starts with you and your team in a thoughtful manner as you prepare notes, sketches and eventually a preliminary layout.  Sooner or later though, you’ll need HELP.

How about some FREE HELP from LAB DESIGN?  When you utilize LAB DESIGN, the design service is free, from your conception to our completion of your Laboratory design.  Contact your LAB DESIGN representative today for more information on how we together can turn your team’s imagination into a design reality.






Product Delivery in 4-6 weeks

LAB DESIGN offers the fastest manufacturing lead time in the industry with lead times of FOUR to SIX weeks.  Visit  our QUICK LAB webpage to learn more about LAB DESIGN’s  “15 model availability in 10 DAYS”  in our most popular color, Champagne.  Essential components ( sinks, counter tops, etc… ) are also available with this program.

When LAB DESIGN’s QUICK LAB 15 model availability in 10 days isn’t necessary, LAB DESIGN offers it’s complete 445 pedestal casework product line to you with a committed lead time of 45 days or less.  This commitment includes any of our 16 standard color finishes, any components required and any additional Laboratory products required ( Fume Hoods, Counter Tops, Fire Safety Cabinets, Acid Storage Units, etc. ) to complete your facility on time. You can count on that!



Knowledgeable Sales Force

LAB DESIGN takes great pride in offering you very knowledgeable Direct Sales Agents and in-house Sales Support Staff that enhances your experience.  “Hardworking, dedicated and well educated” has been our motto in this regard for over 50 years.  From Santa Domingo to San Francisco, it works. We ensure our folks not only know Laboratory design, we ensure they know people and how to understand their needs from a common sense approach.

Expect excellent service with a caring mindset; you deserve it and LAB DESIGN provides it.  Your successful project isn’t just our goal; it’s our commitment at LAB DESIGN to you and your facility.






Wholly Manufactured in the USA

Some companies state they manufacture in the U.S., when in reality they are only assembling their finished product in the U.S.;  These companies outsource their formed parts and other components from foreign markets outside of the U.S., then have them imported, only to ASSEMBLE their finished products here in the U.S.  LAB DESIGN, outside of the nuts and bolts it uses, wholly manufactures in the U.S.A.

Our steel is sourced in the Midwest…the paint finishes come out of Georgia and North Carolina…the drawer slides from California and South Carolina and the complete metal fabrication process comes out of New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  LAB DESIGN: born, bred and building in our United States of America and very proud to do so for over 50 years.