American-Made Lab Designs and Furnishings

A Leading US Lab Casework and Accessories Provider

American-Made Lab Designs and Furnishings

A Leading US Lab Casework and Accessories Provider

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Innovation doesn’t wait—and neither do we, leading the laboratory-related market with the fastest project times and customer service that sets a new standard. When we promise something, we get it done—and we’re with you every step of the way.

Why Choose Lab Design?


Manufactured in the USA

Everything we manufacture is done 100% in the USA—from the Midwest heartland to the coastal states of California and South Carolina, to our home zone of New Jersey and Pennsylvania.


Knowledgeable Sales Force

Hardworking, dedicated and well-educated. We’re dedicated to bringing you an experience that is universally cohesive. We are confident and compassionate, educated and empathetic.


Free Design Service

Our process always begins with you—your vision and your team’s needs. We’re with you from the start, offering a free design service from conception to completion.


Generational Expertise

For more than 60 years, Lab Design has paced the industry in quality, lead times and customer service. Our incredible staff accounts for more than 200 years of real, innovative experience.



Our extremely knowledgeable staff is there for you in every aspect, from sales to upkeep to general curiosities. When we make a promise, we keep it.


Product Delivery in 6-8 Weeks

Our manufacturing lead times outpace the entire industry, while accepting penalty clauses to guarantee their delivery dates.

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Laboratory-grade casework that doesn’t wait. Elite service at elite speeds.

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